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Beautiful bathroom tiles to take note of

Terracotta bathroom tiles are a gorgeous red clay tile that has been fired at low temperatures. It has a warm and natural feel to it due to its rustic quality. Because it is porous, it must be sealed on a regular basis to prevent stains. It is only ideal for dry places, although if glazed, it may also be used in bathrooms.

Beautiful bathroom tiles to take note of

Travertine Tiles: Travertine is a porous natural stone that belongs to the limestone family. It’s known for its distinct look, a wide variety of designs and patterns, and a wide range of colors. Travertine bathroom tiles are more affordable than marble, which is why most people choose them. It’s also available in a variety of sizes. Travertine is increasingly popular for decorating and flooring bathrooms and showers because of its wide variety of sizes. Because it’s a porous stone, you need always apply a sealer and a finish to keep it dry.
Saltillo Tiles: Compared to other bathroom tiles, Saltillo tiles are more elegant, handmade, and durable. If properly sealed to reduce water absorption and slipperiness, they are suitable for bathroom floors and walls. They’re also simple to clean and last a long time.

Beautiful bathroom tiles to take note of

Slate Tiles: Slate tile is the most popular tile option for bathroom flooring. Slate is a stone with a fine texture. It features a textured, naturally slipping-resistant surface. It’s suitable for use on floors, walls, and counters.

Beautiful bathroom tiles to take note of

Quarry tiles are hard tiles comprised of ground minerals that have been burned at high temperatures. They’re frequently more durable than regular bricks. These tiles are both water-resistant and non-porous. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes.

Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles: 

Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles: 

There are numerous elements to consider while planning or remodeling a bathroom in order to get the desired aesthetic. The one you anticipate loving the most is selecting the bathroom tiles. However, due to the huge variety of bathroom tiles available in terms of colors, styles, sizes, textures, and other qualities, the selection process of bathroom tiles may be exhausting and stressful rather than enjoyable and exciting. Here are some pointers to consider while selecting tiles for your bathroom:

  • Complete your homework:

Setting some time to conduct your study before choosing bathroom tiles is essential. Learn about the many varieties of bathroom tiles on the market, such as porcelain, concrete, natural stone, marble, terracotta, glass, and stone. In the market, there are far too many forms, sizes, patterns, styles, and qualities to choose from. So, figure out which tiles you prefer and which bathroom tiles are appropriate for the space where they’ll be put.

  • Try it before you purchase it:

Before purchasing a large number of tiles for your bathroom, always get a free sample. It is preferable to inspect the tiles before purchasing so that you do not end up with a pile of pricey bathroom tiles that are unsuitable for your bathroom. Purchasing a hundred square feet of black tiles, for example, may make the bathroom seem smaller, while purchasing a hundred square feet of ultra-glossy tiles may be equal to being very slippery. Those tiles aren’t appropriate for a bathroom. So, always obtain a sample before purchasing and double-check the tile’s size, style, pattern, and other characteristics, as well as execute a soak test for quality assurance.

  • Pick one of the top three choices:

When you’re happy with the sample bathroom tiles, choose your top three choices. The floor, the shower, the area around the tub, and the statement wall, which is generally the wall behind the bathroom vanity, are the four places in the bathroom that must be tiled. As a result, never attempt to put all four kinds of bathroom tiles in any space or location. Instead of ending up with a colorful, juvenile, and unplanned bathroom appearance, use two to three tile selections and create a pattern with rhythm in all sections to make the whole bathroom distinctive, well-designed, and elegant. The secret is to only utilize three tiles at a time.

  • Select a statement tile: 

Select one statement tile that is distinct in terms of form, color, pattern, or texture. Select the other two basic bathroom tiles from the same color’s tints or shades to add a vow factor and help to accent the area, and with the statement tile, choose the other two simple tiles from the same color’s tints or shades to add a vow factor and help to focus the area. This will assist to draw attention to the region in the bathroom with the statement bathroom tiles.

  • Space Maximization: 

Use light color palettes or big patterned or designed tiles to optimize the space in the bathroom. Darker colors make a tiny bathroom seem smaller. Light colors, on the other hand, make a small bathroom appear larger. Choose tiles that are proportional to the size of the bathroom. Choose medium-sized tiles for a medium-sized bathroom and mosaic tiles for a tiny bathroom.

  • Identify the Wow factor feature: 

Before picking and purchasing bathroom tiles, decide which place you want to draw attention to. Will it be a backsplash, a shower enclosure, or an area around the tub? So, if you decide on the bathroom’s focal point or accent before choosing the tiles, it will be simple for you and will complement the selected element in the bathroom. You can read about Bathroom tiles for different bathrooms by clicking here.

  • Take into account the cleaning and maintenance aspect:

It is common knowledge that the smoother the tile, the simpler it is to clean. If you pick embossed or textured tile, cleaning and maintaining it will be a little more challenging. So bear in mind that you’ll need to be a bit more dedicated and consistent with your cleaning program for these tiles. This will assist your tiles maintain their attractiveness and beauty for a long period.

  • Select floor tiles: 

If you’ve opted to keep the walls basic, go for a patterned tile floor instead. It’s the most recent craze. If you want to focus on the wall tiles, keep the flooring modest and complementing rather than big and dramatic.

One thing to bear in mind while purchasing floor tiles is that they must not be slick in order to prevent any mishaps.

  • Be creative with tile layout: 

Even if you choose plain tiles, it’s necessary to be creative or apply your artistic sense when laying out the tiles in the bathroom. Simple tiles, such as rectangular tiles or metro style tiles, may be used to create a variety of designs.

  • Use tiles to provide texture: 

It’s best to use tiles to bring texture to the bathroom. If you want your bathroom to have a spa-like vibe, choose nature-inspired tiles such as limestone, travertine, marble impression tiles, slate, natural stone tiles, and so on. Natural wood color tones may also be used to complement these textures.

  • Slip and Water Resistant: 

When selecting bathroom tiles, keep in mind that they must be slip-resistant in order to prevent accidents. Because the bathroom is the most humid room in the home, it should include a lot of absorbent material.

  • Measurement and Re-Measurement:

After you’ve decided on the color, texture, material, pattern, and design of the tiles you’ll use, be sure to complete this step before purchasing bathroom tiles. Make a rough calculation of how much it will cost. Take measurements of the length and breadth of the space or area that will be tiled. Multiply these two figures together. Now add an additional 10% to 15% to the calculations to account for any mishaps, such as breakage and emergency, since the worst-case scenario is that the tiling project is nearing completion and you are running out of tiles and supplies, and the same tiles have been discontinued on the market.

bathroom tiles

Bathroom tiles for different bathrooms

If you’re looking to select the right bathroom tiles for your bathroom, this article will point you in the right direction as regards selecting bathroom tiles that notch up the look of your bathroom. 

Bathroom tiles for different bathrooms

Modern Bathrooms

Modern Bathrooms

You’re in luck if you want to create a statement in your bathroom with modern style. Manufacturers of bathroom tiles have adopted new design trends, drawing inspiration from Italian designers. Go for tiles that look like cloth, glass, leather, or metal, as well as vibrant new colors like red and lime green. Also, don’t be afraid to combine materials; for example, a leather-like floor tile may be matched with a deep red glass wall tile for a magazine-worthy effect. To make your bathroom as fashionable as the rest of your house, finish the design with some colorful fixtures.To learn more about property facts, click here.

Bathrooms in a Formal Setting

Is there a formal master bathroom or powder room in your home? Take polished marble to the next level with new mosaic color options. Look for cream and white marble or honey onyx with a Rosso laguna accent instead of standard black and white basketweaves. Pick up the floor’s accent color when pairing a polished mosaic floor with a 12-inch polished marble wall tile for a traditional look with a contemporary twist.

Bathrooms with plenty of space

Bathrooms with plenty of space

If you have a vast space, why not accent one area? Make mosaic carpets for the area in front of the shower and the vanity. With their numerous grout lines, mosaics are naturally slipped resistant, thus putting mosaic rugs in key spots may eliminate the need for a bath mat.

If your bathroom has a freestanding tub, consider using mosaic wallpaper or a mural to cover it. Large tubs are prone to catching the attention, so offer the observer something else to look at.

5 recommendations for selecting bathroom tiles

When it comes to selecting bathroom tiles, it may seem simple at first, but it quickly becomes overwhelming and complicated. Before you choose your bathroom tiles, you must examine a number of variables. “Tiles put on a show in your bathroom,” our specialists at Myron tile store remark. As a result, choosing the finest requires little effort and rigorous investigation.”

The elements we’ll go through that you should think about are incredibly significant. As a result, make sure you don’t overlook any of these elements. Remember that a little mistake in selecting bathroom tiles might detract from your bathroom’s overall appeal. Visit to read about Beautiful bathroom tiles to take note of.

Tips for selecting bathroom tiles

Below are some of the most important considerations to make when choosing bathroom tiles.

1) Always Begin by Choosing a Tile Style: When looking for a tile style, you will be confronted with a plethora of alternatives. As a result, the first step in ensuring you don’t make a mistake is to choose a style.

When you choose a bathroom tile type, you’ll be able to see what colors you may use, what patterns you can use, and so on. And if you’ve established these things from the start, choosing the right tile for your bathroom will be a breeze.

2) Reduce the Tile Size: When it comes to tile size, some individuals like huge tiles, while others prefer little tiles. It’s a time-consuming procedure in any case.

Here, too, the issue of practicality enters the picture. Then there’s the question of whether the tile size is appropriate for your tile design.

3) Don’t Use Additional Than Three Tile Designs: When it comes to tiles, more variants might take away from the bathroom’s beauty and make the spectator feel overwhelmed.

Choosing less than three tile styles will give your bathroom a more simplistic appearance. Simple things are also lovely. Without a doubt, you can use your imagination to add something to the three tile patterns you choose.

You’ll most likely choose a floor tile, a wall tile, and an accent tile. However, it’s perfectly OK if your pick differs a little. However, whichever option you choose, we strongly advise you to stick to no more than three tile designs.

4) Never Underestimate the Importance of Tile Color: Pattern and design are, without a doubt, the most significant considerations when selecting a tile. Most people overlook tile color when picking tile design and pattern, which is a big error.

Consider this scenario: your tile design is excellent, but the color of your tiles does not contrast well. Is it going to look good? No. Before narrowing down the one that fits everyone, consider the preferences of the children, the elderly, and yourself.

In certain circumstances, selecting the tile color might also save you money. If you overlook the color issue, you can wind up choosing an expensive tile design when a simple tile design would have sufficed.

As a result, selecting a tile color is still one of the most crucial tasks in ensuring that the tile you choose complements your bathroom.

5) Don’t Forget About Aftercare: The majority of consumers favor low-cost tiles, but they need a lot of upkeep. Cleaning it on a regular basis or replacing it at short intervals necessitates expenditures and attention.

We strongly suggest that you consider maintenance. You must consider the aftercare factor, such as how much cleaning the tiles will necessitate and other aftercare factors.

Ignoring it is like paving the path for oneself to choose the tiles, which might lead to irritation and greater costs.

As previously stated, selecting bathroom tiles will necessitate patience and a degree of visual clarity. People frequently become perplexed and make incorrect decisions.

Final thoughts

Tile is probably the first thing that springs to mind when you think about bathroom design styles. Bathroom tiles are highly durable and water-resistant, as well as adaptable in size and design. They’re a terrific option for your bathroom’s floors, walls, and showers since they’re so attractive.

When it comes to altering the floor or walls of your bathroom, it is more practical than other rooms in your home. With all of the moisture in your bathroom, choose flooring and wall materials that can endure varying degrees of wetness. This is where tile shines. Furthermore, tile looks wonderful and is so adaptable in design that it can fit into any style. Tile may last a lifetime if properly put and maintained.

bathroom tiles

Use these tips to notch up the elegance of your bathroom tiles

A well-kept, attractive bathroom signals the beginning of a good day. Your bathroom is more than a space; it is a place where you may feel comfortable and calm, regardless of how big or tiny it is. So why not design it with care and attention to detail, including well-considered details? The most fascinating aspect of bathroom design is the process of selecting all of the gorgeous materials, colors, and traditional and contemporary styles. This is where the use of bathroom tiles and ceramics comes in handy.

If you are building a new bathroom or renovating an existing one, this article will provide you with some suggestions for selecting bathroom tiles that are not only suitable for floors but also for walls and ceilings. These suggestions will assist you in the process of designing your bathroom, whether you are building or renovating.

Bathroom tiles are available in a variety of materials, including wood, marble, classic, and ceramic bathroom tiles. We’re going to discuss ceramic bathroom tiles since they’re often regarded as the greatest available option. Ceramic bathroom tiles are any material that has various benefits over other materials, including the fact that it is resistant to any external elements. Therefore, it is essential to understand how to pick bathroom ceramic bathroom tiles in this situation.

Before purchasing bathroom tiles, there are a few things you should consider beforehand. These include the following:

Decide on your budget.

When purchasing bathroom ceramics, you must first determine your budget. This will make it easier to choose and install alternatives that are within your price range.

Select a color from the palette

Selecting your preferred color for bathroom tiles should be done before deciding on the form and pattern of the bathroom tiles. If you like bright, dramatic, or dark colors, feel free to use them in your design; nevertheless, a bright color should be paired with a neutral hue. You may also use more than one neutral hue, such as a combination of gray and white, to keep the appearance fresh and exciting.

The shower tile should extend all the way to the ceiling.

If you’re remodeling the shower, make sure the new tile extends all the way to the ceiling, as this will produce a cleaner appearance and demonstrate a high level of craftsmanship.

Select the ceramic installation technique that best suits your needs.

You must pick who will install the ceramic bathroom tiles, whether it is a professional individual or a firm that specializes in tile installation. You can also install the ceramic bathroom tiles yourself, but it will take a significant amount of time to learn how to do it exactly and correctly. As a result, it is preferable to contact a professional in order to prevent damage or cracking.

Installing wall bathroom tiles at an angle is desirable because it improves the feeling of space in the bathroom, which is particularly important in small bathrooms. After the bathroom tiles have been put in, it is recommended that you do not utilize the space immediately and allow it to dry.

Take into consideration the tile size.

While smaller bathroom tiles were more prevalent in the past, 12 x 24s have now become the new norm, making the room seem larger than the bathroom tiles are. You can read about A Visual Guide to Tile Patterns and Layouts by visiting

Tiles for the Bathroom Walls

Wall bathroom tiles are simple to maintain and have a long lifespan. You have the option of selecting from a variety of design patterns. However, while selecting wall bathroom tiles, you should consider utilizing glossy ceramics on the walls and designing them beautifully and harmoniously to match the matte flooring in order to reduce the danger of sliding and falling.

Tiles for the Bathroom Floor

When selecting bathroom floor bathroom tiles, there are a few aspects to keep in mind, the most significant of which are as follows:

– Waterproof: Because the bathroom floor is moist, you should pick a ceramic tile that is water-resistant.

In order to withstand the shattering that might occur as a consequence of lengthy usage, bathroom floor ceramic must be very resilient.

Because engraved floors are less prone to slide than smooth floors, they provide greater safety by lowering the chance of sliding and ensuring that people do not trip.

Bathroom tile designs for tiny bathrooms are many.

If your bathroom is tiny, you may make it look bigger than it really is by using a simple method. As an example, utilizing a single tile on all of the walls, from floor to ceiling, may assist to open up the room. In addition, if the shower bathroom tiles are laid lengthwise up to the top of the ceiling, your bathroom will be given height, which will make it seem to be larger. In addition to the colors, the light shades provide the illusion of a huge amount of space.

Bathroom tile design mistakes that are often made

There are certain typical faults that should be avoided while planning and selecting bathroom tiles in order to get a decent outcome in the end, including the following:

The selection of bathroom tiles based on their form is not a good idea since it seems to be out of place amongst other items in the room. The tile’s size as well as its color and design must be carefully considered to complement the area in which it will be installed.

In addition to considering the actual function and original purpose of the bathroom’s usage, it is necessary to consider whether it is a frequently used home bathroom that requires daily cleaning or a guest bathroom that is less frequently used. If there are children in the house and the nature of their usage in the bathroom, it is necessary to conduct additional research in order to select the safest bathroom tiles that are appropriate for them.

Make a plan in advance:

Always plan ahead of time!

Don’t make the mistake of purchasing bathroom tiles at the last minute; there is a good chance that it will come out disastrously. Changing the bathroom tiles or returning them if they are damaged or the incorrect product is possible if you prepare ahead of time.

Following all of these criteria, you can pick the greatest bathroom tiles for your house. Alternatively, you may visit our showroom, where our specialists can assist you in selecting the ideal bathroom tiles for your space.

Floor Tiles

Choosing the right bathroom tiles design for your kids

Bathroom tiles

Choosing bathroom tiles for someone else has given me a lot of insight into how to teach others how to pick bathroom tiles to others. I’ve compiled a list of 5 suggestions for selecting the best tile, which I hope will be useful to you if you ever decide to redo your bathroom tiles flooring.

So here are my five recommendations for selecting bathroom tiles.

1. Select the tile that is a must-have initially.

Typically, when we begin a bathroom tiles makeover, we have one tile in mind that we would want to include in the design. Sometimes it’s a very rare or unique accent tile, and other times it’s as basic as knowing that you want a white subway tile in a certain pattern. In any case, take that ideal tile and utilize it as a jumping-off point for the other tiles you will use in your bathroom tiles design.

2. Try to limit the number of distinct tiles to no more than three.

Make the selections for the additional bathroom tiles that will be included in your design by beginning with your first (must have) pick and working your way down from there. If your must-have is a really one-of-a-kind color or pattern that will serve as the main point of your design, choose hues from it that are more muted in order to employ them in your accent tiles. If, on the other hand, your initial option is really boring (such as a white subway tile), you may want to add a pop of color with an accent tile or even a smaller size white penny bathroom tile to mix things up and provide interest.

You will often choose a floor tile, a wall tile for the shower/tub surround, or possibly all of the walls in your bathroom, and an accent tile that will be utilized as a focal point in your design. This is just intended to serve as a guideline. Make no apprehensions about breaking a few regulations every now and again. When it comes to selecting the most appropriate tile for a bathroom shower, I’ve got you covered!

washroom tile design

3. Concentrate on a single show-stopper.

You can express yourself via your bathroom tiles in a variety of ways. A bathroom is an excellent area to showcase some of your personality and take a chance with a bright color or a fun pattern on your bathroom tiles. Keep it to a single show-stopping moment if you are going to go for it. Because it will not be competing with the other features in the space, it will make your appearance ageless and will really generate the wow factor that you are aiming for in your design. If you are working in a tiny space such as a bathroom, some of these more expensive specialty tiles may be just the splurge you need since you won’t be dealing with a large amount of square footage.) Click here to read about 6 Tile Patterns You Need to Know.

Your show-stopping section may be as large or as tiny as you choose; the choice is yours.

4. Take into account the cost of upkeep.

Cleaning is something I despise. It’s particularly difficult for me to clean the tub and shower, so when selecting bathroom tiles for these very moist places, porcelain or ceramic tile will likely be your best bet since they are nearly maintenance-free. Then check to see whether they still need to be sealed (you may want to double-check). It is necessary to seal tiles made of real stone, which needs more upkeep than ceramic tiles. Because they have far more pores, they tend to accumulate dirt and grime more effectively. If you want to utilize the stone to add texture to your space, it may be best to place it on the floor or in a less moist spot. Finally, glass tile is really attractive and may be used as a wall or accent tile. Because it is very slippery, it does not perform well on a hard surface such as a floor.

5. Take into consideration the scale.

If you look at the current bathroom tiles flooring trends, large-size tiles are unquestionably in style right now. It’s possible to utilize the same tile cut in smaller sizes in a different region of the bathroom if you decide to go that route. Using the same tile as the floor in 2 x 2s on the bathroom floor, for example, will allow you to keep the color consistent throughout the whole floor while also producing a more slip-resistant shower floor. Check out 10 Creative Designs for Classic Subway Tile.

The following is our choice of bathroom tiles for the children’s bathroom:

For the children’s bathroom, I wanted to go with a traditional design that was also extremely light and airy in appearance. Because there are no windows in this bathroom, I needed something that would reflect as much light as possible. I chose a mirror. After seeing this tumbled hexagon tile at Tile and Bath Co, I knew it was going to be the one we used for the floor. Due to the fact that it is a little out of the ordinary and has a lot of patterns, this tile was a must-have for me and would also serve as a show-stopper.

I also knew that I wanted grey cabinetry to match the rest of my home’s color scheme, so we ended up picking a larger-than-usual size matte white subway tile (4 x 8) for the shower surround to match. We received samples of the glossy and matte finishes, and after comparing the two, we decided to go with the matte finish instead.

Everything for our tile project was purchased from The Tile and Bath Co, and one of the things I most like about the process was that I could shop online, have samples brought directly to my door, and then make my order.

Final thoughts

If you’re looking to select top-notch bathroom tiles, this article will veer you in the right direction as regards making the right bathroom tiles choice. Feel free to go over this article again for proper grasping. You can read about Different types of bathroom tiles  by visiting