Top Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Ceramic Floor Tiles in Bedrooms

The bedroom is among the most visited places in the home. Indeed, it is where you spend most of your time out of the available 24 hours. Even if you’re not an indoor person, you will still find yourself spending more time in the bedroom than in any other interior space in the house. 

As you will also agree, the bedroom is a place where you need ultimate comfort and satisfaction. As a result, you are expected to put all your creative ability to work to make your bedroom look its best. Having a cozy and comfortable bedroom setting aids sound sleep, which makes you wake up active and ready for the various tasks of the day.   

Meanwhile, floor tiles are essential elements to give you a perfect bedroom. They are significant deciders for creating a warm feel required for an ideal bedroom.

Meanwhile, ceramic floor tiles are among the most suggested when choosing the right flooring solution to add value and beauty to a bedroom. They come with all the features and functions needed in a typical bedroom. It is rather shocking that ceramic floor tiles are rarely seen in bedrooms. Based on facts and figures, they are primarily found in living rooms or even on the patio at the outdoor space. 

There are many reasons for that ironic occurrence. Many homeowners believe that bedrooms need softer and more yielding flooring materials such as cork, carpet, and vinyl. Little did they know that ceramic floor tiles could offer much more. Though ceramic floor tiles come with a hard surface, they have several characteristics that make them useable in bedrooms and other interior spaces where warmth is required.

If you are not yet convinced about the versatility and compatibility of ceramic floor tiles in the bedroom, here is a rundown of the fantastic benefits and cons of the excellent flooring solution.

1. Rich Indoor Air Quality 

Ceramic floor tiles are made of eco-friendly materials ideal for a bedroom setting. They come with a smooth, solid finish that makes them more resistant to dirt, stains, dust, and other smaller health-damaging particles that can easily hide in the corners. As a result, when you have ceramic tiles on the floor, none of those above threats to indoor quality air can stay long in your bedroom. 

Once you notice any dangerous substances on your floor, get a mop and a bowl of clean water to wipe them away. By doing that, you can easily maintain perfect indoor air quality without constantly fumigating your indoor space. 

Ceramic floor tiles are ideal for those who have breathing issues. Having them on your floor contributes significantly to your health status. have you ever imagined why most hospitals use ceramic floor tiles in the wards? Now, you have discovered the truth. 

2. Durability 

Ceramic floor tiles are among the most durable flooring options available for your bedroom. Since you are most likely visiting your bedroom more than often, you need a long-lasting flooring material that can serve you for several decades. In terms of durability, no carpet, cork, or other soft flooring materials can last as long as ceramic floor tiles. Suppose you have been seeing its hard surface as a disadvantage. In that case, you now need to consider it as a significant benefit.  

Ceramic floor tiles have a rigid surface that remains solid after many years of consistent use. You wouldn’t have to keep spending money on repairs and replacement. As you keep stepping in and out of your bedroom, ceramic floor tiles remain sturdy as if nothing has ever touched the surface.  

3. Easy to Clean and Maintain   

Ceramic floor tiles are made with solid materials with a perfectly smooth surface. No dirt and grime can stick to your flooring surface with that fantastic feature. Keeping your ceramic floor active and sparkling new is stress-free. Since the surface doesn’t hold stains, you can wipe every dirt away with a quick sweep with a soft brush and clean water with a gentle detergent. 

One thing about the bedroom floor is that it needs to be kept clean and dry at all times. Imagine you have a carpet or other soft flooring materials in your bedroom; things might get complicated when liquid drops on the floor. However, ceramic floor tiles are specially made to resist water and other liquid stains that may affect the color of your bedroom floor.

4. Affordable

As much as ceramic floor tiles are durable, they are ridiculously cheap. Ceramic tiles are among the most affordable, long-lasting flooring options available. You will even find it at the same price range as carpets, and they can be far cheaper than cork and vinyl. 

In all, installing ceramic floor tiles in your bedroom is a more affordable option whether you compare its initial purchase cost or estimate the cost of maintenance in the long run. If you use carpet, you will have to replace it at least once in five years. But ceramic floor tiles can serve you with simple cleaning efforts for a century. Click here to read about Shop Flooring Choices.

What are the drawbacks of ceramic floor tiles in bedrooms?

1. Nonresistant to heat 

Cone of the lowest points of ceramic floor tiles is that they can be cold underfoot. That is because they can hardly hold heat for a long time. Ceramic floor tiles are naturally cold, which might cause be challenging for bedroom users on chilly winter mornings. To make up for this loophole, you should install a working radiant heating system under the floor to make it easier for occupants to walk around.

2. Comfort 

Ceramic floor tiles are very hard on the surface, which is a factor that makes people feel uncomfortable when standing on the surface barefooted. Suppose you are installing ceramic floor tiles in your bedroom. In that case, you may have to constantly walk on slippers to avoid stepping on the hard surface of the ceramic floor. 

Final Words

Ceramic floor tiles are by far a good flooring option for your bedroom. They can help you design a perfect bedroom setting, creating the necessary warm feel you need to relax your body. Having a few cons doesn’t make ceramic floor tiles less valuable; in fact, knowing the cons will only help you to maximize their uses. You can read about the Top Pros and Cons of Ceramic Floor Tiles by visiting