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What are the top 8 non-slip outdoor tiles that you need to know?

When you hear outdoor tiles, what comes to your mind? We are now in a time where people live and act based on other people’s opinions and ideologies. Some writers have come out to write against outdoor tiles as though they should not consider these days. Our aim is not to blame anyone or any writer. After all, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion and ideology. But we are here to give you a clearer picture of outdoor tiles. One of the significant points people use to capitalize on in writing against outdoor tiles is that this tile cannot resist water, and it can cause an accident in homes. Of course, some people believe this ideology, using other materials to decorate their homes. But one thing we notice is that most of them still, one way or the other, have an interest in installing outdoor tiles.

What are the top 8 non-slip outdoor tiles that you need to know?

However, for the sake of those that are willing to install outdoor tiles, we have come to show you something new and exciting about these unique tiles. Do you know that there are non-slip outdoor tiles? Of course, tiles are specially designed for exterior decoration. Ever since tile manufacturers have heard about what people are saying about tiles not working for outdoor decorations, they did something befitting and lovely. They started creating outdoor tiles. That is tiles that are strictly meant for outdoor decorations. Click here to read about How to Solve Water Pressure Problems.

Today, several individuals now have tiles in their house’s interior and exterior parts. Do you want to join the league of people enjoying the uniqueness in the usage of outdoor tiles? Do you also want to experience that beautiful touch of tiles in the exterior part of your house? Then, we are here to take you through some of the non-slip outdoor tiles that you need to know. Mind you, there are countless non-slip outdoor tiles, but we took it up as a responsibility to pick out the best among the rest. Therefore, we want you to trust us with the suggested outdoor tiles you will see here. Hence, here are the non-slip outdoor tiles you can consider for designing the exterior part of your house;

  1. Atlas ice external tile: This ceramic tile is a non-slip outdoor tile that will transform and give your home a stunning look. Several people are using this product in Australia. It is very cheap, and it is easy to clean and maintain. One unique thing about this tile is that it is gorgeous. Therefore, this unique tile will give you the exact picture in mind. No one has ever regretted using this unique tile in their home. It is usually 450x450mm. Isn’t that amazing? You can get this outdoor tile on Amazon and another tile store around you.  
  2. Bologna beige antislip Mk2 tile: This 450x450mm tile is one of the most beautiful tiles suitable for exterior decorations. This unique tile has been ruling the outdoor tiles market for a decade now. And ever since then, people still ask for it in the market. It cannot cause any damage if it has been installed correctly. For now, I think its price should be around $39.95 per square meter. 
  3. Forest natural external tile: Forest natural external tile is 300x600mm. This fantastic outdoor tile will change the appearance of the exterior part of your house. Its beauty has a unique way of giving the entire portion of the house a unique atmosphere that is beyond expression. We have heard about how people request this unique tile in the market. It has a soft feel and is easy to clean and maintain.
  4. Regina latte external tile: Regina has almost the same features as forest natural exterior tile. The only difference one can say about them is the price. Forest natural external tile is slightly more expensive than Regina latte external tile. They both have the same size. Regina also has a soft feel, and it is easy to install.
  5. Studio 39 gesso external tile: This porcelain tile is a non-slip outdoor tile. It is 300 x 600 mm. We have seen people using this tile to design the exterior part of their house countless times. In fact, recently, we went to a hotel, and we were all amazed when we saw this tile installed in a herringbone pattern to design the exterior part of that hotel. Therefore, we are informing you that choosing this tile for your exterior decoration is a great choice. You won’t regret it.
  6. Prestige Blanc structured tile: This porcelain tile is 100 x 600 mm. It is more expensive than the above-listed outdoor tiles. It is a type of porcelain tile specifically designed to transform the exterior part of the house. These unique outdoor tiles have been in vogue for several years. One thing about it is that people still use this excellent tile to cover their floors today. 
  7. Attic Avorio tile: Are you looking for something outstanding, different, and unique to design the exterior part of your house? Then, you need to consider using the Attic Avorio tile. Mere looking at it, you will love it. This tile is lovely. It is easy to install and easy to clean and maintain. The attic is one of the cheapest yet quality outdoor tiles we have ever seen. Please check it out.
  8. Terreno carved tile: Have you heard about Terreno carved tile? This unique tile is lovely. For those who are willing to use a tile that will push people to ask questions about how amazing your house is, Terreno is the exact thing that you need. We were shocked the day we saw it too. Terreno carved tile comes in various colors, and it is a porcelain tile. This tile is 120 x 120 mm. Trust us on this; you will love it.

Closing thought

We want to implore you to come out of that wrong mentality that outdoor tiles can cause an accident if installed in homes and offices. The above-listed outdoor tiles are non-slip tiles created explicitly for designing the exterior part of the house. Finally, don’t hesitate to drop your question in the comment box if there are any. Visit to read about Top Benefits and Drawbacks of Using Ceramic Floor Tiles in Bedrooms.