What Is The Cove Molding?

Dec 14th
Small Cove Molding
Small Cove Molding

In the past, decorative molding cove was installed by craftsmen, who traveled among the stately homes of Britain who ply their trade. Cove molding is starting to be a DIY product easy to use. It can be used for purely aesthetic or to mask unsightly cracks and other imperfections.

Cove molding is a decorative trim with a concave shape, according to professional carpenter Clayton DeKorne. In the UK, it is also known as frame. It is used in the space between the upper part of a wall and the ceiling, to hide cracks, or simply for decorative effect. There are many different styles.

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In large houses and mansions, cove molding was made of plaster or wood. It would be installed in situ by experienced craftsmen. Cove molding for the ceilings tends today to be made of gypsum with a thin coating of paper. Alternatively, it is made of a plastic material, such duropolymer or polystyrene. Modern cove molding tends to be lighter and flimsier than its traditional counterpart because it consists of a large volume of air. However, it tends to be resistant to moisture and rot and insect damage.

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