Make a Over The Door Shoe Rack

Jan 13th
Over The Door Shoe Rack Wamart

Over the door shoe rack – Measure from one end and make a mark in eight inches. Place the bracket on the mark and draw a line width of 12 inches lumber. Drill two pilot holes in the lines of each piece of wood 1 12 x 16 inches with 1 / 16th inch drill bit. Stand the two pieces of 1-by-12 wood 16 inches in their long edges of about 30 inches away. Apply glue to the ends of the two pieces of 1-by-12 30-inch timber.

Place the remaining piece of wood 30 inches lines in parts of 16 inches. Secure the workpiece 30-inch to 16-inch pieces through the pilot holes with 1¼-inch drywall screws. Adjust the piece of 1-by-4 wood 31½ inches at the desk. Drill two pilot holes 3/8-inch from the ends and about half an inch long edges. Place the timber 1 by 4 inches by 31½ throughout the over the door shoe rack without shelves on the end and align it with the top of the sides.

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Draws a line on the sides of the over the door shoe rack in the bottom of the 1-by-4 timber by 31½ inches and then remove the piece of wood. Wipe excess glue with a damp cloth.

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