Installing a Mirrored Medicine Cabinet with Surface Glacier Bay

Oct 29th
Corner Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

Installing a surface mount kit Glacier Bay is slightly different from other brands. This is because the mirrored medicine cabinet Glacier Bay has mounting brackets. Mounting brackets which are in the back of the cabinet, have slots that slide onto the screws on the wall.


12 Picture Gallery: Installing a Mirrored Medicine Cabinet with Surface Glacier Bay

  1. Place your kit Glacier Bay on the wall where you wish to install. Ask an assistant to hold it in place while you put a level on top of the mirrored medicine cabinet.
  2. Place your mirrored medicine cabinet on the floor and against a wall in a place that is out of the way. The back of the cabinet should be facing out. Measure from the top of the cabinet to the top of the mounting bracket holes on the back of the cabinet.
  3. Drill a pilot at each site with a slightly smaller than the plastic anchors you bought drill hole. Place the plastic anchors into the pilot holes until flush with the wall.
  4. Screw the screws in the plastic anchors with a Phillips screwdriver until the screw heads are 3/8 inch (1.5 cm) from the wall.
  5. Lift kit, positioning slots mounting brackets over the heads of the screws. Carefully move the cabinet down to lock the mounting brackets on the screws.
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