How to Clean Brass Chandeliers

Dec 10th
Wonderful Brass Chandeliers
Wonderful Brass Chandeliers

Give your brass chandeliers look fresh by removing unsightly stains, dirt, grime and tarnish. Choose a cleaning method that suits the type of brass – solid, veneered, painted or unpainted. Stay away from tools and aggressive cleaning products, such as steel wool pads, abrasive cleaning and metal brushes to prevent scratches and damage from any style bronze chandelier.

Test your candelabra with a magnet to see if they are solid brass or brass plated. Touch the magnet for the bronze. If the magnet falls, his piece is made of solid brass; while the magnet will typically hold a candle plated brass due to the magnetic metal beneath the thin layer of galvanized brass. Although it can be cleaned safely by both types of brass chandeliers with a cloth lint or a solution of warm water mixed with mild detergent, stay away from the use of other cleaning solutions articles plated brass, as more abrasive damage the thin coating.

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Because solid brass chandeliers unpainted exposed to air, it is vulnerable to oxidation, resulting in lackluster unsightly areas. Look at your kitchen for foods that can help remove the discoloration. For example, spray some ketchup on a clean, soft and gently rub the tarnished spots on cloth; wipe with a damp cloth and polish dry. Or, rub some yogurt on the tarnished brass fingers, let it dry and polish with a clean cloth.

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