DIY Bathroom Vanity Units

Oct 31st
Picture of DIY Bathroom Vanity

Installing a vanity unit is a project that the average DIY enthusiasts can complete fairly easily. Before starting the project, keep in mind the type of vanity unit you want to install. You need to consider the space you have available and then compare what is available in the market. When you’re renovating an existing DIY bathroom vanity, you’re limited to the space you have available, unless you’re also restructuring the room.

Instructions of DIY bathroom vanity

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  1. Close the water supply to the toilet. Disconnect pipes existing sink unit with wrench, including supply lines and drainage. Remove the screws that secure the unit can existing toilet with a screwdriver, if any.
  2. Inspects existing supply lines to make sure they are in good condition before you install a new countertop unit. Remove and replace damaged supply lines. Put the new drive in place of the counter in the DIY bathroom vanity.
  3. Set excessive marking them off the wedges with a knife and then raising them to be broken cleanly. Secure the unit to the floor and the wall with L-brackets and wood screws.
  4. Connect the water supply lines to the new sink with pipe wrench. Connect the drain to the sink unit with pipe wrench. Open water bath. Check piping for leaks.
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